Blend of psychedelic trance and Japanese idol, what is MIGMA SHELTER?

Japanese idol – girl groups MIGMA SHELTER is gradually gaining popularity. Their music is based on psychedelic trance, unlike regular jpop.

Characteristics of psychedelic trance

Psychedelic trance is a trance that characteristics a beat of about 140 BPM. However, some songs can reach 200 to 300 BPM. The trance arranged in Goa, India in the 1990s became the Goa trance, and the psychedelic trance is an evolution of it with even higher hypnosis. Therefore, in psychedelic trance, the stimulating sound to obtain a hypnotic uplifting feeling is emphasized.

Both Goa trance and psychedelic trance are underground music, but psychedelic trance has increased listeners and is commercially successful. Currently, psychedelic trance is prevalent mainly in the United Kingdom, Israel, Goa, Brazil and Japan.

Goa trance emphasized hippie themes such as mandala and god Shiva, but psychedelic trance has lessened such themes. But the party is still a magical festival for the participants. By the way, in Japan, the psychedelic trance party is called “rave”.

Japanese girl groups”idol”

In Japan, Japanese girl groups called “idol” are very popular. Idols are entertainers who are well trained primarily in singing, dancing and acting.

Japanese idols have been widely recognized on television since their appearance in the 1960s and are now established as a profession. Idols are a type of Japanese pop culture and have a wide variety of genres, but girl groups such as AKB48 and Morning Musume are particularly popular.

Being a girl group has the advantage of increasing opportunities to acquire fans. In the case of AKB48, for example, there are as many as 48 people, so you can almost certainly find one or more of your favorite girls.

Japanese idols have a wide range of activities such as music, theater, movies, and TV programs, but basically they can be said to be symbolic stars who cheer up their fans just by their existence.


MIGMA SHELTER is a Japanese girl group that combines psychedelic trance and idols. The entertainment agency to which they belong is AqbiRec.

The first characteristic of MIGMA SHELTER is that it incorporates a psychedelic trance into the song. Normally, most psychedelic trances have no lyrics or singing voice, but MIGMA SHELTER combines psychedelic trance with singing voice for dance performances.

Another characteristic is their live performance. In the concert of MIGMA SHELTER, they will continue singing and dancing whopping 1 hour or more nonstop. All the songs are connected by mashup or mega mix, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy fresh development every time.

MIGMA SHELTER has a total of 6 members: Mimimiyu, Brazil, Tamane, Yubune, Rere and Nananara. They are very close and are always looking forward to performing live. They were talking they can’t life if they couldn’t do a dance performance for a long time. 

In 2020, MIGMA SHELTER released the full album “ALICE“. Crowdfunding was used to produce this album, and it became a hot topic as it collected support of 12 million yen. MIGMA SHELTER’s songs are originally unique, but the album “ALICE” has a variety of songs from cool songs to cute songs while expressing a deeper world view.


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